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We Founded in 2023, 79Bike is a prominent brand specializing in electric dirt motorcycles. Our company has gained recognition for its dedication to the development and advancement of electric off-road motorbikes. At the heart of our product lineup is the remarkable ProjectX electric off-road motorcycle, which has captured the attention of adventure enthusiasts worldwide.

79Bike entered the market with a clear vision: to revolutionize the off-road motorcycling industry by offering powerful, eco-friendly, and exhilarating electric motorcycles. With a team of passionate engineers and designers, the company has been committed to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology.

The flagship product of 79Bike, the ProjectX electric dirt motorcycle, showcases our expertise in delivering an exceptional riding experience. This cutting-edge motorcycle incorporates state-of-the-art electric propulsion systems, advanced battery technology, and intelligent motor control to deliver unmatched performance on rugged terrains. Riders can expect instant torque, seamless power delivery, and remarkable acceleration, all while enjoying the quiet and emission-free advantages of electric power.

79Bike understands the demands and challenges faced by off-road enthusiasts, and we have tailored the ProjectX to meet these requirements. The motorcycle features robust construction, rugged suspension systems, and high-traction tires, enabling riders to conquer challenging landscapes with ease. The lightweight design ensures maneuverability and agility, allowing riders to navigate through tight trails and tackle obstacles confidently.

Safety is a top priority for 79Bike, and we have incorporated cutting-edge technology into the New Product Project X to ensure a secure and reliable riding experience. The motorcycle comes equipped with advanced stability control systems, regenerative braking, and customizable riding modes, providing riders with enhanced control and confidence in various off-road conditions.

Beyond our commitment to producing top of the line motorcycles,79Bike is also focused on sustainability. By championing electric mobility, we aim to reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-conscious practices within the electric motorcycling community. The electric powertrain of the ProjectX minimizes environmental impact without compromising on performance, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious riders.

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