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79Bike Motor

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Lighter Weight

79Motor 10KW: 9.7KG 

Upgrade: The weight is nearly 1 kilogram lighter compared to the Sotion Motor. Light weight with high performance, the power delivery of 79Motor is more linear and enhancing explosiveness. 


Better Dustproof and Waterproof

79Motor 10KW: IP67 

Upgrade: By improving the structural design, we have achieved better waterproofing and heat dissipation, ensuring the vehicle maintains high stability even in extreme environments.


Higher Speed and Higher Torque

Sotion Motor 8KW: 

- Top Speed: 75KPH 

- 0-50 Acceleration Time: 3.4s 

- Max RPM: 5600RPM 

- Max Torque: 40N.m 

79Motor 10KW: 

- Top Speed: 100KPH 

- 0-50 Acceleration Time: 2.8s 

- Max RPM: 6800RPM 

- Max Torque: 50N.m 

Upgrade: More powerful, providing greater confidence for performing various maneuvers or extreme off-road driving, and making it easier to tackle extreme off-road conditions.


Multifunctional Star Ring

79Motor 10KW: PWM-controlled LED Ring

1. The lighting can change in sync with

2. Displays vehicle status and fault codes.

3. Lighting functions are app-controllable.


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